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Financial Management Career Opportunities With the Department of the Navy

The financial management community within the Department of the Navy is always looking for outstanding candidates to join our team. We are looking for dedicated, educated, dynamic candidates who want a challenge in various area within our community. The financial management community comprises professional auditors, accountants and general financial managers. These individuals may work such areas as: complex accounting issues, the transformation of our business systems, financial review and analysis of major procurement programs, audits that strive to improve our business enterprise, and financial resolutions to demanding operational needs that support our Sailors and Marines.

What Can We Do For You?

Our workforce is located throughout the United States, and at some activities overseas, where there is a concentration of Navy and Marine Corps units. Employees choose a specific location and organization to start their career but we strongly encourage movement to other geographical locations or organizations within our Navy/Marine Corps family. These movements ensure that our staff gain a full understanding of our business and enable us to develop financial management leaders.

In addition to a challenging and rewarding career, our employees enjoy a comprehensive Federal benefits package which includes such items as: paid vacation and sick leave, subsidized health and life insurance, a transportable retirement program, continuing education assistance, and performance-based promotions and annual awards program.

Where We Can Take You?

We hope you can tell from the preface above, that you can have a dynamic career if you join our team. Perhaps what is most telling, however, is to hear first hand from various members of the team. The individuals listed below are at various stages of their career with our team. These people are our leaders of today and are the leadership of our future.

Tom Hafer- a senior Financial Manager with the Marine Corps
"My career within the Navy financial management community has spanned a gamut of disciplines from budget analysis/formulation and fiscal policy, all the way to project management and congressional liaison. Along the way I was constantly challenged to develop new skills and techniques to stay abreast of evolving technologies, military concepts and business process improvements. It has been a very rewarding and intellectually stimulating career, one ripe with ever-changing requirements and opportunities. For those who crave new challenges and unlimited possibilities within the financial management field--this is definitely the place to be!"

Mary Kay Tompa a member of the Senior Executive Service and Financial Manager
"I chose public service for a career because I believe it is a meaningful and worthwhile endeavor and the mission of the Department of the Navy is critical to our national security. Within the financial management community, there are great opportunities to be responsible for high dollar value and challenging accounts at the entry level, as well as continuous opportunities to assume positions of increasing responsibility, authority and visibility throughout your career. The Department promotes an environment that values and recognizes excellence and provides formal professional development at all levels, including certification and degreed programs."

Steve Straub a senior Financial Analyst
"Coming out of college, I never expected the numerous and varying opportunities that being a financial analyst with the Department of the Navy has afforded me. I expected the stereotypical "government job" were I would push paper and have little opportunity to make a difference. Luckily, I have been exactly wrong. All of the positions that I have held with the Department have been dynamic, challenging and rewarding. Most importantly, all of my positions have directly supported the selfless sailors and marines who defend us all. It is wonderful to be able to go home at night and know that what I do makes a difference to the men and women who serve all of us. I definitely made the right choice and now cannot see myself doing anything else for a living. So if you want a job that is not only professionally fulfilling but that more importantly really matters -- Navy financial management is the right choice."

Where to Go From Here

Now that you know a little about our community, how do you become a member of our team? Our community has a three-tiered approach to development of the financial management workforce. These tiers are listed below. For further information on the composition of each tier, and how to apply for a position, click on the links below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Financial Management Development Program

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully welcoming you as an active participant in the challenges ahead.