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Overview of Our Products

The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Financial Management & Comptroller produces numerous products and provides many services of interest to the public at large. This includes the annual President’s budget submission for the Department of the Navy and detailed justification materials, aligning resources with the priorities of the Secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. These are summarized in the Highlights of the Department of the Navy Budget annual publication. We provide guidance concerning the organization and functioning of comptroller organizations throughout the Navy and Marine Corps. This includes oversight and reduction of the information systems needed to achieve our objective of producing timely, accurate, and auditable financial information. Publications in this area include the Department of the Navy Annual Financial Report and the annual Department of the Navy Statement of Assurance, and the Navy and Marine Corps financial outcomes for the defense-wide Annual Defense Report. These reports not only provide the American taxpayers with an accurate accounting of their resources, but also capture the financial performance outcomes of program execution, enabling Department leadership to make adjustments in funding and management decisions regarding programs based on comparing planned and actual results, consistent with the President’s Management Agenda. We provide independent cost estimates for major acquisition programs, to serve as valuable inputs for acquisition officials.

The OASN(FM&C) also has the responsibility of providing the Department of the Navy with a capable financial management workforce, ensuring that the right person is in the right job, at the right time, and is not only performing but performing well. This means ascertaining the professional competencies needed to execute the financial management function, designing the appropriate educational and training resources, and ensuring that our workforce sees clearly a career path that is both rewarding and fills one of our most critical needs. We accomplish this through a series of live and on-line training courses and special developmental forums presented both in-house and through professional organizations such as the American Society of Military Comptrollers. These training courses are available not only to civilian and uniformed financial management personnel but also to personnel in other functional business areas whose roles have a significant financial component.