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Office of Counsel

Office of Counsel
Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy
(Financial Management & Comptroller)
1000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, DC 20350-1000
Fax: (703) 695-0700

The Counsel is jointly responsible to the General Counsel and the ASN (FM&C) for performing all legal functions of the OASN (FM&C). He/she is assigned by the Secretary of the Navy upon joint recommendation of the General Counsel and the ASN (FM&C). The Deputy Counsel is similarly responsible for the performance of legal functions.

The duties of Counsel pertain to all legal aspects of the functions performed by all of the components of the OASN (FM&C). In addition, the Counsel considers fiscal legal problems relating to all the commands, bureaus and office of the Department of the Navy, the military departments and other components of the Department of Defense. All fiscal legal problems external to the Navy involving the Office of Management and Budget, congressional committees, the General Accounting Office, and the other departments of the Executive Branch are considered and coordinated by the Counsel. In all matters involving the OASN (FM&C) and the Department of Justice, Counsel shall act as direct liaison with the Department of Justice.

Phone Number: (703) 695-0770