DON is implementing a comprehensive strategy to manage and address PFC/PFAS issues in the following areas:

  1. Drinking water on DON installations: DON has sampled all on installation drinking water systems in compliance with the EPA unregulated contaminant monitoring rule (UCMR3) requirements and DON policy. DON has also reviewed EPA UCMR3 data for all installations that buy water from these public water systems. All installations where testing has been conducted are currently receiving safe drinking water.
  2. Impacted public and private drinking water off installation: DON has been proactive identifying locations where PFOA or PFOS may have migrated to off installation drinking water sources. Where ever EPA lifetime health advisory levels have been exceeded, DON has provided alternative, safe water.
  3. DON cleanup program: DON is conducting installation-wide assessments to identify all potential PFOA and PFOS release sites and will prioritize future site investigations and remediation based on potential risk to drinking water sources.
  4. AFFF: DON is identifying for removal and destruction all legacy 3M PFOS (and PFOA) containing AFFF. DON is testing current AFFF formulations to determine whether there are trace levels of PFOA in these formulations, and once PFOA free formulations are identified, these will replace existing stocks.


    DON Policy/Guidance can be found here DoNStrategyforRenewableEnergy.pdf