What to do if you have been exposed


PFC/PFAS are found in the blood of people and animals all over the world and are present at low levels in a variety of food products and in the environment (air, water, soil, etc.). Therefore, completely preventing exposure to PFC/PFAS is unlikely, and no effective recommendations can be made for entirely reducing individual exposures in the general population. However, if you live near known sources of PFC/PFAS contamination, you can take steps to reduce your risk of exposure to PFC/PFAS.

You can contact CDC/ATSDR for updated information on this topic at 1-800-CDC-INFO. If you have questions or concerns about the products you use in your home, contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission at (800) 638-2772.

What to do if you have been exposed Q&A’s can be found here WhatToDoIfYouHaveBeenExposed.pdf