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Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Energy, Installations and Environment)

Office of Public Private Partnership Reviews (OPPPR)


  • Conduct continual, recurring, timely and organic reviews.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable Public Laws, Executive Orders, and Federal regulations.
  • Facilitate communication, coordination, and cooperation between the Secretariat and Congressional committees, international organizations, oversight agencies (i.e., Government Accountability Office, Offices of the Inspectors General of the Departments of the Navy and Defense, Naval Audit Service, etc.), as well as, other Department of Navy (DON) organizations and Federal agencies.
  • Utilize dedicated oversight professionals with the technical knowledge, skills and abilities to improve Department of Navy Public Private Partnership Programs.
  • Detect and deter fraud, waste, and abuse in DON PPV programs and operations.
  • Promote the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the DON PPV programs and operations.
  • Help ensure ethical conduct throughout the DON PPV programs and operations.
Strategic Objective: 
  • Provide quality relevant reviews on time to the Secretariat to address DON’s PPV program, current and emerging challenges to the well-being our military families and financial viability of privatized housing programs to ensure mission readiness.
Core Values:  People valued and treated with dignity and respect.


James B. Balocki
Executive Director, Office of Public Private Partnership Reviews


Ms. Willette Reeves

Willette Reeves

In recognition of her outstanding contribution, The Honorable Lucian Niemeyer presented the DOD Office of the Inspector General’s “Collaboration Award” to

Ms. Willette Reeves

Ms. Willette Reeves performed in an exceptional manner while serving on the DODIG’s “Strategic Plan Working Group.” The collaboration and professionalism demonstrated by the working group resulted in the production of a significant cornerstone OIG document in less than 82 days.

The group collaborated:

  • To draft the DoDIG’s 5-year Strategic Plan
  • Which clearly defines the OIG:

Organizational values, reinforces critical oversight mission, and establishes three (3) key strategic goals.

Donjette L. Gilmore,
Executive Director, PPP Reviews