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 Welcome Announcements

Welcome to the digital collection of unclassified issuances released by the:

  • Secretary of the Navy
  • Chief of Naval OperationsNewLifeline.jpg


Classified Issuances Available on SIPRNET.  Users with a .sipr account can access classified issuances from CNO HQ Web on the DONCI (DON Classified Issuances) Web site.  Please write down the following link and type it into your SIPR browser: (This site can only be accessed from a SIPRNET account)

CUI (Controlled Unclassfied Information) (Formerly FOUO) OPNAV Issuances are available on the OPNAV Portal in the DNS-15 CUI File Folder at:

 *Note:  to find the status of any OPNAV directives that DNS-15 Directives has for action, please utilize the reports, also located in the "OPNAV File Library" on the SECNAV Portal*

Inquiries.  You may e-mail your requests and questions directly to the SECNAV directives manager at and to the OPNAV directives manager at  E-mail will result in faster responses and turn-around time.

All of the SECNAV and OPNAV documents in this collection follow the appropriate standard subject identification code (SSIC).  The SSIC is the standard system of numbers and letter symbols used throughout the Department of the Navy for categorizing departmental records by subject.  SSICs serve as the taxonomy for all departmental records.

These folders can be accessed by navigating to the Directives menu item above. The documents in these folders are in portable document format (.pdf).  In order to view, navigate, download, enter form data, and print these documents, you MUST have a current Adobe Acrobat Reader Internet plug-in installed in your browser (Version 4.0 or better is recommended).  If the reader plug-in is not already installed, you can download it from the Adobe site HERE .

To find an instruction by number, under the Directives menu, navigate to either "All Instructions" or "SECNAV Instructions & Notices" or "OPNAV Instructions & Notices," as applicable.  The OPNAVINST 1024.1B, for example, is found by clicking "OPNAV Instructions & Notices" from the Directives drop-down menu, then the folder 01000, then the sub folder 01-01.

Navy Forms are accessible via Naval Forms Online:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       




If you wish to see what new SECNAV and OPNAV issuances have been uploaded to the DONI Web site in the last 180 days,

Click Here.


How to create new Instructions, Notices, and Change Transmittals.

Templates and information available under the "How To" tab or by clicking 

 Contact Information


for requests or questions regarding SECNAV directives; and

for requests or questions regarding OPNAV directives.  Thank you.

SECNAV Directives Control Office
DON/AA Directives and Records Management Division (DRMD)
1000 Navy Pentagon Room 5E170
Washington, DC 20350-1000

COMM:  (703) 693-9898

OPNAV Directives Managment Program Office (DNS-15)
Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
2000 Navy Pentagon Room 4E563
Washington, DC  20350-2000

COMM:  (703) 614-7581