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 Key Strategic Documents

CNO's Sailing Directions

The CNO's Sailing Directions document states the CNO's Mission, Priorities, Vision, Tenets and Guiding Principles.

CNO Department of the Navy Posture Statement

The CNO Department of the Navy Posture Statement focuses on Admiral Jonathen Greenert's statement before the congress about his first budget as Chief of Naval Operations. He also discusses the Navy's role in our nation's security and prosperity.

USMC Vision and Strategy 2025

The USMC Vision and Strategy 2025 document focuses on the United States Marine Corps vision and strategy for 2025. It also discusses the Marine Corps values, philosophy, principles and competencies.

DON Objectives

The DON Objectives for FY19 and beyond focus on key efforts that will provide real benefits to the Nation in fulfillment of our responsibilities to maintain a capable Navy and Marine Corps. Success will increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of the entire Department, improve lives of Sailors and Marines, and result in greater security for the United States.