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Department of the Navy (DON) civilian employees play a critical role in keeping the Navy and Marine Corps team operating forward to protect American interests around the world. DON civilians operate in more than 558 occupations across the globe and in each state.

There are a number of positions in the Science field within the Department. Positions available include those listed below (e.g., Physics, Geophysics).

Each position corresponds with a code called its occupational series (such as 1301 for General Physical Science, 1306 for Health Physics). These occupational series or job categories can be used when searching for position vacancies on For more information on how occupational series can be used to search for open positions on, please see our Job Search webpage.

 Science Occupational Series:

  • 1301, General Physical Science
  • 1306, Health Physics
  • 1310, Physics
  • 1313, Geophysics
  • 1315, Hydrology
  • 1320, Chemistry
  • 1321, Metallurgy
  • 1330, Astronomy and Space Science
  • 1340, Meteorology
  • 1350, Geology
  • 1360, Oceanography
  • 1370, Cartography
  • 1372, Geodesy
  • 1373, Land Surveying
  • 1380, Forest Products Technology
  • 1382, Food Technology
  • 1384, Textile Technology
  • 1386, Photographic Technology