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Job Search

 Job Search offers applicants a variety of ways to search the database of current job openings within the Department of the Navy (DON). No matter how applicants search, they can refine their results in a variety of ways including agency, job categories/series, grade, salary, work schedule or location. This helps applicants narrow their search to find specific jobs:

  • Agency: Under advanced search, be sure to select the Department of the Navy to search all DON open positions. If you have a few agencies in mind, refine your search by selecting one or more agencies or offices.
  • Job Categories/Series: Job categories or series are organized according to series number (eg. 0803 Safety Engineering, 2210 Information Technology Management, or 1105 Purchasing Series). Refine your results by clicking a specific occupation series or drill down into a specific occupation.
  • Grade: Selecting a GS grade level is an easy way to focus on positions that match your experience level. Be realistic in your expectations, you may be hired at a lower salary and then advance rapidly.
  • Salary: You can narrow your search if you are looking for positions within a specific salary range.
  • Work schedule and work type: Be sure to select what type of work schedule and type that best aligns with your preferences. The most common position is full-time and permanent, meaning the position is working 40 hours a week. Term or temporary assignments may last a few months or even a few years. Although short-term, these positions can give you great experience and may open doors to other government positions.
  • Pathways: Student or recent graduate jobs can be found by selecting Student Pathways Programs in the work schedule filter. More information about this program can be found at DON Pathways Programs.
  • Location: Look for jobs according to your geographical region by typing in your zip code and selecting a radius of 5 to 200 miles on the results page. You can also choose a specific city, state or country in the advanced search.

To begin your search for opportunities, please see URL links below. These links will help potential candidates search and identify positions within the DON. For tips on how to apply through, please see our page on How To Apply.

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  • Apple IOS (e.g., iPhone, iPad, etc.) App: Go to the App Store application or search for USAJOBS. Select it and then press install.

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