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Senior Executive Service

 Senior Executive Service (SES)

Leadership, integrity and a commitment to the highest ideals of public service are hallmarks of the Department of the Navy’s senior executive corps. . The Department relies on its executives to help guide the day-to-day management and operations, providing solid executive skills, public service values, and a broad perspective of government. About 400 men and women serve as executives for the Navy and Marine Corps team. These senior civilians are key to driving transformation and managing the day-to-day operations for, producing results that advance the Department’s mission.


The Department of the Navy has published the How to Prepare for the SES Guide. The Office of Personnel Management publishes a Guide to Senior Executive Service Qualifications. This document describes the Senior Executive Service merit staffing process as well as the Qualifications Review Board process. The guide also features details about executive qualifications—this includes key characteristics of the qualifications and definitions of leadership competencies that make up the qualifications. In addition, the guide provides an overview of and tips for writing ECQ statements, and gives examples of successful statements written using the Challenge-Context-Action-Result model.

The Department of the Navy and OPM provide guidelines to help applicants through the hiring and selection process. Announcements are posted on It is important to pay close attention to the “How to Apply” instructions in the vacancy announcement. Typically required documents include:

  • Resume showing relevant experience
  • Occupational Questionnaire
  • Mandatory Technical Qualifications (narrative)
  • Executive Core Qualifications (narrative)
  • Copy of your most recent SF-50 (Notice of Personnel Action)

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