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The Contract Management Division (CMD) enables the development of acquisition and procurement strategies for all Navy Secretariat non-weapon system purchases to include Purchase Card Program management. Overall goal is to provide support on matters relating to contracting methods and procurement principles, policies, and acquisition of supplies and services.

Services provided by CMD include:

  • Support the Secretariat in developing clear contract requirements
  • Liaison between Secretariat and contracting activities
  • Expeditiously coordinate contract award
  • Ensure customers receive timely support at affordable cost

Equally important to contract award is oversight of execution. To ensure Secretariat procurement is effective and efficient, CMD has the responsibility for evaluating contracting trends, the dollars spent, and overall contractor performance.

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The Customer Service Division is responsible for business transformation across the Secretariat. The CSD also assists the Secretary of the Navy by administering the Mass Transit Benefit Program and various Charitable Campaign Programs. The goal of CSD is to continually assess and ensure the best support services are provided to the OPNAV staff, HQMC and the Secretariat.

  • Secretary of the Navy Administrative Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM)
  • Conference/Events/Protocol Office
  • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)
  • Charitable Campaigns:
    • Combined Federal Campaign, National Capital Region (NCR)
    • Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Funds Drive (Active Duty in NCR)
    • Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Direct Mail Campaign (Military Retirees)
    • Feds Feed Families Food Drive (NCR)
  • Mass Transit Benefit Program

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The Directives and Records Management Division (DRMD) is responsible for the management of the Secretariat and Navy Records Management, Information Management Control (Directives and Forms) for the Secretariat and the Department of the Navy Declassification Program per Title 44 U.S.C., 36 C.F.R., OMB Directive M-12-18, OMB Circular A-130, DoDD 5015.2, SECNAV Instructions 5210.8E, 5210.16, 5211.5E, and 5215.1E, OPNAV Instructions 5210.20 and SECNAV Manuals 5210.1, 5210.2, 5215.1, 5213.1 and 5214.1.

DON/AA DRMD provides expert customer service through the:

  • Management of the Secretariat and Navy Records Management and Program Development of the Department of the Navy Records Management processes, for document and records management systems and tools, and represents the Department of the Navy in the development of Records Management policies, processes, and tools for DOD certified solution(s).
  • Oversight of the execution of DONs Automatic and Mandatory Declassification Review Program per Executive Order 13526.
  • Management of the Secretariat level Directives Program (Dual Service) and its processes.
  • Management of the Secretariat-level Forms Program, which includes the design, licensing and maintenance of official Navy forms.
  • Management of the Secretariat level Information Collections Programs (Surveys and Reports), which include reports requirements and higher authority approvals (OMB Notice and the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995).
  • Management of the DON Electronic Records Management Solution (ERMS), Total Records and Information Management (TRIM).
  • Management of the DON, Tasking, Records and Consolidated Knowledge Enterprise Repository (DON TRACKER) which is the single, authorized tool for tasking and records management across the DON enterprise.

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The Executive Dining Facility provides the Secretary of the Navy, Commandant of the Marine Corps and Chief of Navy Operations executive dining support to host official events for foreign dignitaries and other guests as necessary, in the execution of the responsibility of their respective offices. The EDF also provides a private dining room for senior-level personnel in the Secretariat, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations and Headquarters Marine Corps, to dine with guests while conducting official business.

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  • Facilities and Space Management/Services:
    • Base Realignment and Closure Planning
    • Pentagon Space Management
    • Office Space Alterations
    • Locksmith
  • Pentagon Parking Program:
    • Parking Permits (Long and Short Term)
  • Printing and Publications Management:
    • SECNAV Directives (Process & Policy)
    • Publications Management
    • Printing/Graphics Support
  • Pentagon Public Displays

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The Financial Management Division provides the following financial services:

  • Strategic Planning/Programs Objective Memorandum (POM)
  • Budget Submitting Office (BSO):
    • Budget Formulation and Execution
  • Principal Administering Office (PAO) for Fiscal Operations, Administrative Control of Appropriations
  • Manpower Management:
    • Military and Civilian Resource Management

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The Human Resources Division provides Human Resource & Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Advisory Services to the Secretariat. These services are provided through the following focus areas:

  • Executive Personnel Management
  • Civilian Personnel Support
    • Staffing and Classification
    • Employee Relations and Development
    • Workforce Diversity/EEO
    • Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Management
  • Military Personnel Support:
    • Assignments
    • Performance/Fitness Reports
    • Training
    • Awards

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The Information Technology Division (ITD) supports the Secretariat on matters relating to information management/information technology (IM/IT) and communications.

Services provided by ITD include:

  • Conference Room Support
  • Consolidated Data Center Operations
  • Web Applications Hosting
  • NMCI Support
  • Information Assurance (IA)
  • Telecommunications
  • Software Application
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Hardware and Software Support

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The Security Division supports all security requirements for the Secretariat including:

  • Physical Security
  • Communications Security
  • Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)/Crisis Response
  • Personal Security Clearance Investigations
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF)
  • Secretariat Registry and Storage for TS/SCI Information
  • Support to the Department of Navy (DoN) Special Access Program (SAP) Coordination Office
  • Executive Secretary for the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Special Awards Board