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The business of the Department of the Navy is to man, train and
equip Navy and Marine Corps forces for global operations.

​The DON is facing a new era of Great power competition, characterized by increased complexity, interdependence, and uncertainty as well as an unprecedented rate of technological change that is transforming societies, economies, and military capabilities across the globe. As a result, the DON must enable greater efficiency through more agile processes, better management of business operations, and greater accountability leading to a higher state of operational readiness. We must also recognize that continued success requires more than additional ships, aircraft and advanced technology — it involves transitioning our culture from rigid to adaptable, sluggish to fast, stagnant to innovative, parochial to collaborative, and opaque to transparent. To achieve this, the Department of the Navy released its Mid-Year Update to the FY 20-22 Business Operations Plan. This plan aligns to the National Defense Strategy lines of effort (Restore Readiness, Strengthen Alliances, and Reform Business Practices).

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Click the image above to download the
Department of the Navy Business Operations Plan 

If you see areas in the BOP that need improvement, have ideas for reform initiatives, or would like the BOP to highlight your office's accomplishments, please contact the DON's Office of the Chief Management Officer at