Agility Tools

What is included in an Agility Tool?

Comprised of a Playbook, Mentor Network, Training, and References.

Who Builds These Tools?

Partnered with Pioneers assigned from across the Department of the Navy.

Who Picks the Next Tool?

Driven by both leadership and deckplate.

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Government Partner Content
Department of the Navy Content

Discovery & Learning:  Gathering bold, diverse ideas and accelerating them.
Warfighter & Workforce Ideation
Crowdsourcing Challenges
& Agility Events
Human Centered Design Incentives NIPA TANG
Team/Project Management
Agile Scrum Lean Startup Metrics-Driven Mission Teams Illuminate Thinkshop
Non-Traditional Partners
Hackathons H4D Labs & Universities Public Crowdsourcing Far Shoreline Citizen Workshops Venture Capital Investors

Incubation & Validation:  Rapidly developing and testing technologies.
Rapid Prototyping & Integration
Rapid Fielding Temp Alterations Warfighter + Engineer Partnered Prototyping Prototyping/Maker Labs Prototyping
Warfighter Experimentation
TnTE2 FLEX ANTX Operational Unit Experiments
Non-Traditional Contracting
OTAs GSA/CSO Public/Private Partnerships Agile/Modular Contracts Test Item Procurement Purchase Card Pitch Days 3rd Party Financing Tech Transfer

Development & Acquisition: Delivering technologies through more agile transitions.
Inner-POM Transition Funding
Government R&D Proposals SOFWERX ONR TechSolutions SCO DON COIs DDS DIU
Accelerated Requirements & Acquisition
Urgent/Emergent Needs Prize Challenge Authorities 804/806 Rapid Prototyping Wartime Acquisition
All Phases
Digital Services & Collaboration
Mobile Chat


USDS Playbook

Agile Lifecycle
Acquisition Models

Agile Software


NR&DE Cloud

Enterprise IT


What's Inside an "Agility Tool"?

Getting Started Guide
  • Overview
    • Why Tool Improves DON Agility?
    • Who Uses The Tool?
    • Basic Tool Overview?
  • FAQ
    • Where Do I Start?
    • How Long Does Tool Take?
    • What Authorities Are Needed?

    • Instructions/Phases
      • As Needed
    • Case Studies
      • Summary, Results, Lessons Learned, Mistakes Made
    • Feedback Forum/Chat

    Mentor Network
    • Designated DON Mentors
    • DON Practitioners
    • Non-DON Mentors & Practitioners
    • Link to Slack Channel

    • Training Documents & Videos
    • Mobile Course Request
    • Hosted Course Request


    Hosted content from External DON Groups

    Bring Your Bold Moves.

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