SoCal Tech Bridge Logo SoCal Tech Bridge at San Diego, CA

The SoCal Tech Bridge is Fleet-focused and mission-ready. It will serve as a super-connector, establishing new connections and strengthening existing connections among Fleet stakeholders and the industrial and academic sectors. Navy and Marine Corps stakeholders will be invited to articulate their short, mid, and long-term requirements. Technology accelerators, supported by programs and agreements that include Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), OTA through the Information Warfare Research Program (IWRP), Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), Prize Challenges, and other program-specific initiatives will be orchestrated strategically by the SoCal Tech Bridge to provide opportunity, collaboration, and potential funding to industry and academia to help address these needs. The SoCal Tech Bridge will be a platform for industry and academia to present state-of-the art innovations with potential to enhance Navy and Marine Corps capabilities.

The SoCal Tech Bridge will facilitate the acquisition lifecycle to help reduce traditional barriers to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) barriers. Rethinking traditional acquisition tactics may reduce the time to take rough concept ideas to market ready and usable Fleet products, creating a cycle that strengthens both government capabilities and the industrial base.

Technical Focus Areas: Installation Protection, Resilience, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems


LtCol Brandon Newell, USMC

Director, SoCal Tech Bridge


Mr. Shadi Azoum

Director, SoCal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program