The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) Team


Ms. Diana Teel

Director, Central Florida Tech Bridge

200505-N-GA271-1001 Tech Bridge Graphic (U.S. Navy illustration by Shane Gargano/Released) Central Florida Tech Bridge at Orlando, FL

Located in the center of Florida's high tech community, the Central Florida Tech Bridge stands upon a strong preexisting foundation consisting of a military agencies, modeling, simulation and training industry experts, academia and government partners.

Our location allows us to take advantage of the region's expertise in a range of technological areas ranging from space and defense to entertainment and gaming. The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) in Orlando has long-standing collaborative relationships with five major universities, all military services, multiple government agencies, and all military modeling, simulation and training activities. NAWCTSD has fortified its more than half-century relationship with Central Florida's tech community by engaging in a wide-range of regularly occurring acquisition and technical outreach events. The new NavalX Central Florida Tech Bridge will amplify NAWCTSD's already vibrant collaborative efforts to a national level, greatly enhancing the organization's ability to serve the fleet.

For the past several years, hundreds of students have shadowed their NAWCTSD parents, grandparents, or guardians to work during this event. Since this year's event was cancelled due to the pandemic, CAPT Hill decided to host a short video to help NAWCTSD employees show the school-aged children in their lives the work that we do.