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One Team Podcast
By the NavalX Team

Podcasts, the next generation of talk radio. They provide short, focused stories that you can listen to anytime on a variety of platforms. When I first started engaging Sheila Mullowney and Susan Farley, I wasn't sure what was so special about their podcasts. After all, people record podcasts all the time.

But imagine if those podcasts could help you in your work within the Department of the Navy. Yes- your work!


Tending the 'Flame of Innovation': Lt. Col. Brandon Newell and Installation werX
By Warren Duffie Jr.

This month, a new recruit will report for duty at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, Virginia.

Instead of wearing an Army or Marine Corps uniform, the recruit, named Olli, sports a white-and-black paint job with a blue stripe encircling its chassis. Olli isn’t a Soldier or Marine, but a self-driving, autonomous shuttle made from 3D-printed parts.


Shining the Light of Empowerment: Illuminate Program Helps Sailors and Marines Solve Problems
By Warren Duffie Jr

A Washington, D.C.-based naval command faced a retention problem. Its civilian employees rarely stayed on the job for more than two years. Why were they leaving? Did this professional revolving door result from low morale, job dissatisfaction or disillusionment with the Navy?

Enter the Navy Illuminate Program, a system of workshops designed to tackle command problems, brainstorm solutions and make effective recommendations. During a three-day, in-depth, problem-solving workshop focused on the Navy retaining this civilian talent pool, participants identified the issue.