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NavalX spreads high-impact knowledge and skills across the Department. Playbooks make these resources available to anyone who can use them, and involve a commitment to drive adoption.

We focus on topics that are:

Each Playbook's content is overseen by a Pioneer who perfected the tool or method and can provide mentorship to fast followers. We measure success by Playbooks produced, views of or contributions to the Playbooks, inquiries to Playbook Pioneers by others looking to follow in their footsteps, and people and offices across the Department who've adopted the new tool as a consequence of these Playbook efforts.

Plenty of places offer explanatory write-ups on these new tools. Our Playbooks provide basic explanations of where a tool comes from and what it's for, but focus on Actual Use Cases sourced from within the Department. Readers learn by example what to use the tools for, how to get started, how to scale, and how to remove barriers, all from peers who are available to consult.

Playbooks are vetted by our Test Community of ~7,500 innovators across the Department. Playbooks on tools that are new to the Department go through an additional process: between 10 and 60 Test Community members become Early Adopters, applying the tool in their own offices, modifying the Playbook with their own lessons learned, and becoming Pioneers and mentors in their own right.

All Playbooks are displayed on Intellipedia, an UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY platform provided by the Intelligence Community. Anyone with a CAC can read and freely edit Intellipedia articles. Even after publication, Playbooks are considered draft publications to which Sailors, Marines, and the Naval Workforce are welcome to add their own insights. We never stop learning.

Current published Playbooks include (CAC Required):

Playbooks in progress include:

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