Who are Agility Pioneers?

Sailors, Marines, and DON Civilians who are already successfully implementing Agility for their unit or organization

Where does NavalX come in?

NavalX partners with them to capture their methods, codify them into repeatable Agility Tools, and scale them through the NavalX platforms

Why be a Pioneer?

You may already be implementing agility in your organization. If so, then you have the opportunity to lead the entire Department of the Navy by capturing and scaling your methods and networks.

Become a Pioneer

"I get to work on making things better for the Navy?  Yes, please!"

Aerospace Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division

NavalX Pioneer Roles

  • Continues to support local organization/command while concurrently developing Agility Tool

  • Partial (Minimal) time dedicated to NavalX

  • NavalX provides resources to codify Agility Tool

    • Conducts interviews with key SMEs

    • Iteratively develops Playbook, Network, and Training

NavalX Pioneers-In-Residence

  • Full-time Temporary Assignments (4-12 weeks)

  • On-Site (DC-hosted/TAD) or Off-Site (Local Command-hosted)

Bring Your Bold Moves.

Do you have what it takes to be an Agility Pioneer?

Become a Pioneer