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Playbooks As Tools

Everywhere we look, Sailors, Marines, and the Naval workforce are solving new problems. Sometimes, though, those solutions don't get to everyone who needs them. NavalX Playbooks collect solutions that work, and the mentors who know how to use them, so you don't need to start from scratch.

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NavalX design thinking session at the NAVSEA High Velocity Learning Summit

Share Your Story

Workforce stories are the perfect complement to the playbooks describing their work!  We need your help to collect stories from across the enterprise to share and grow the solutions you are working hard to provide every day. Whether you consider it a success or a lesson learned, it needs to be shared!

Get Involved

We work hard to make sure these Playbooks work for you. Thousands of Sailors, Marines, and Naval civilians, as part of our Test Community, weigh in on which tools we should write up, how to present them, and who should represent them. Our Early Adopters, drawn from volunteers within the Test community, pilot these Playbooks in their own offices and units, to make sure they work and to provide on-the-ground Lessons Learned to the rest of us. 

NavalX interview at Building Momentum in Alexandria, Virginia (Photo by Lauren Hanyok)


Accelerated Acquisitions

Section 804, Middle Tier Acquisition and Section 806, Acquisition Agility authorities enable the Department of the Navy to establish a new acquisition pathway outside of JCIDS and DOD Directive 5000.01 and can expedite capability delivery by streamlining prototype testing and developing or upgrading systems with proven technologies.

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Looking to use crowdsourcing for your next project or program? Join our test community to test out the draft playbook before it moves from draft into production.

Case Study: Analytics Cell

"When we presented these results to the Chief of Staff, he indicated he had over 300 emails subjectively confirming that information in his inbox… information he could have known in 5 seconds by looking at the model results."  

POC: LCDR Sean “ButterBean” Blackman from TYCOM.

Agile Scrum

"My team was able to increase productivity by 1,250%"

Agile Scrum is a decision-making  and management tool for your teams, a way to do four times the work in half the time. It helps to prioritize what’s important, get the team to tackle every problem together, and resolve challenges quickly. 

Lead Pioneer: CDR Jon Haase, just out of command at Mobile Unit 2.