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Lines of Effort

Our Lines of Effort


Codified methods, tools, and information resources created by the user community and maintained by practitioners.

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Tech Bridges

Connecting the workforce to other agencies, small businesses, startups, non-profits, academia, and private markets.

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Launch Platforms

Seaside Chats, Workshops, Human/Warfighter Centered Design, Training Events.

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Recognize community through continuous awards & stories to incentivize agility behaviors.

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NavalX At work

About Us

Welcome To NavalX

NavalX serves as the Department of Navy (DON) workforce "super-connector," focused on scaling non-traditional agility methods across the DON workforce. Our Naval culture of decentralized autonomy has been described as an innovation landscape marked by isolated and short-lived bursts of success.

The approach is to connect to these isolated pockets of excellence to capture and scale the methodologies being employed, increasing awareness of cross-Department of Defense (DoD) and external successes, lessons learned, and subject matter experts.

NavalX was formally announced in February 2019, as a direct-report initiative under the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition (ASN RDA).


An agile, collaborative, and connected Naval network.


NavalX creates organizational agility by empowering the workforce to solve problems and helps build partnerships and networks to enable greater collaboration on warfighter needs.


One of NavalX’s roles is to deliver and facilitate the rapid adoption of proven agility-enhancing methods that are ready for implementation, have high impact and broad applicability, and are likely to scale. Our vision is to build native capacity at every command so they have the skill sets or access to the various tool sets that help make change easy. Our mission is to empower the workforce to solve problems and build their agility skills by providing high-quality, low-friction training and support to equip commands with warfighter-centered fundamentals.


Contact Us

Contact Us


1000 Navy Pentagon, Washington DC 20350-1000


+1 703 692 8106

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