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Agility & Accountability Awards

Across the Department our talented Sailors, Marines, and Civilians are accountable to our customers to continually deliver mission outcomes. Every day, our workforce develops superb solutions to a range of complex problems encountered while reforming our business operations to create agility in our globally deployed forces. The Agility & Accountability Awards Program (A3P) identifies and acknowledges these pioneering Naval leaders, units, and activities in order to inspire the problem solvers of the future.

The A3P recognizes top Department of the Navy (DON) individuals or teams who demonstrate dedication and leadership in increasing agility and accountability within the DON. Nominations will be accepted from initiatives conducted within the previous twelve months, as defined by the following categories. Nominations may be submitted anytime throughout the year and will be adjudicated throughout the year on a continuous basis.

Agile Acquisition

Recognizes those who have accelerated development, adoption and/or delivery of a capability more rapidly than normally achieved through traditional acquisition processes.

Agile Technology

Highlights achievements in the development, adoption, and/or delivery of new or improved hardware, software, or tool(s) that improved the effectiveness or overall mission readiness of the organization (Including, but not limited to: Autonomy, Cybersecurity, Electronic Warfare, Directed Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Hypersonics).

Agile Policy Reform

Recognizes contributions that eliminated, waived, modified, or replaced unnecessary barriers to significantly improve organizational performance, efficiency, or cost savings. (Including, but not limited to: streamlining, developing, or canceling policy or outdated guidance).

Data-Driven Agility

Recognizes achievements in the capture, management, analysis, and use of data to significantly improve organizational performance, operational readiness, or decision making.

Agile Warfighting

Identifies and/or implements innovative approaches to solving warfighting applications. Emphasis should be placed on how the new approaches are being used to improve performance, support decision making, provide meaningful insight to existing processes, or change how the DON is conducting business.

Agile Leadership

Highlights Naval leaders who inspire innovation within their organization and who directly support the pioneering work of others. This can be done by creating an environment that fosters original thinking, removes unnecessary barriers, empowers others, embraces accountability and appropriate risk, and demonstrates a commitment to innovation.

Agile Authorship

Distinguishes written achievements by DON Service Members or Civilians, published in a publication or an academic thesis/dissertation. Nominations should include top authored works focused on Agile, Accountable, and Innovative concepts with an emphasis on their integration into the DON. A copy of the composed product must be submitted with the nomination as writing and analytical quality will be considered.

In addition to the A3P continuous impact awards, the A3P will also annually recognize top DON individuals from the previous calendar year. The annual awards will be selected among the previous year's impact awards, through a board of the Under Secretary of the Navy and Assistant Secretaries of the Navy (or their designated representatives). Winners will be announced in second quarter of the following calendar year.

Additionally, A3P winners in all categories will automatically be forwarded for consideration for the OMB Sponsored Gears of Government Awards Program. The Department of the Navy will have the opportunity to select the most deserving eight individuals or Team representatives (four Navy, four Marine Corps) for this Award, which recognizes the contributions of the Federal Workforce in support of the President's Management Agenda in the areas of Mission, Service and Stewardship. All eight will be recognized by the Secretary of the Navy, with one Navy and one Marine Corps winner selected for recognition by the Secretary of Defense along with similar award winners from the rest of DoD. All DoD Secretary of Defense winners will then go on to compete against similar winners from other Federal Agencies at the National level for potential selection for recognition in a White House ceremony

All DON Commands and Organizations shall nominate exceptionally worthy initiatives. Individuals should submit nominations through their organization's awards coordinators. If organization awards coordinators are unavailable, individuals are encouraged to submit their nominations directly.

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The Department of the Navy's Office of the Chief Management Officer (OCMO) is the responsible organization for this program. The Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition (ASN RDA) will support OCMO in the administration of the A3P. Further guidance will be provided in separate correspondence and through this Agility & Accountability Awards Webpage.

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