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Agility Summit 2020

Student Challenge Applications are now CLOSED.

Virtual Workshop Registration is OPEN

Agility Summit 2020 is a culminating NavalX event, showcasing Department of the Navy (DON) talent, agility tools, and processes. Members of the entire DON workforce (active duty and civilians) will participate in an event to determine how to expedite the process of discovering, developing, and deploying capabilities. Your Agility Summit 2020 will be an event that allows maximum participation during travel restrictions.

The following teams have been selected to participate in the NavalX Agility Summit Challenge:

  • Team Y33t Fl33t from United States Naval Academy
  • Team Institutionally Challenged from Naval Postgraduate School
  • The Annapolis Agility Team from United States Naval Academy
  • Team IHIYGI from Navy Information Operations Command Texas
  • Team Modernize Now! from Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity

The Agility Summit will have two tracks:

  • Student Challenge
  • Workshop on Agile Tools


The workshop on agility tools will include daily panels that include technical discussions, informational sessions, workshops, and guided networking. All with the purpose of increased access to and understanding of agility tools that are available our DON workforce. These workshops were developed to strengthen the DON technical network, share knowledge, and inspire the development of a common agility language. Workshops include these topics:

  • Partnership Intermediary Agreements
  • Prize Challenges
  • Communications
  • Partnering - Partnering day will demonstrate how a shared lexicon and process across innovative programs can streamline the path to delivering capabilities to the fleet.

Outcome of these workshops are best practices guides. Each topic will be briefed to DON leadership for feedback.

Click here to register for the Virtual Workshop on Agility tools!


The challenge offers the opportunity for for Marines, Sailors, DoN civilians, and students from naval academic institutions to work in teams to solve three challenges submitted by the Naval requirement holders and curated by the Naval Junior Officer Counsel (NJOC). Students will work with other active duty members that are impacted by these challenges and offer solutions throughout the week with virtual support from warfare centers and naval labs technical experts. At the close of the Agility Summit, student teams will pitch their finalized solution to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisitions, the Chief of Naval Research, and the Requirement holders for each of the challenges. Winning teams will be supported to continue working on their challenges for ten weeks and be given follow-on opportunities to brief Naval leadership and resource sponsors with a recommended path forward.

The Student Challenge application submission is now closed.

Additional Information and Student Challenge Details