• Environmental attorneys advise on issues of environmental law and policy, including environmental planning; natural and cultural resource compliance; water, air and land environmental compliance and enforcement; and encroachment control.
  • Our attorneys provide legal reviews of policy instructions and directives, draft and advocate for legislative proposals in support of DON operations, and advocate against legislative proposals that have the potential to impact DON operations.
  • Environmental attorneys also assist the Naval Litigation Office and the Department of Justice on environmental-based litigation
  • Our attorenys also work closely on operational environmental issues with the uniformed lawyers serving on active duty in the Judge Advocate General's Corps.
  • Energy attorneys advise clients on a wide range of matters relating to the DON's operational and installation energy programs. These matters often include elements of environmental, fiscal, acquisition, and real property law. Representative projects include supporting development of renewable energy projects on DON land, developing intra- and inter-agency support agreements, and reviewing legislative initiatives.
  • Our attorneys play a significant role in DON and Department of Defense (DoD) policy development. This includes coordinating with counsel in the military services and DoD on energy-related rulemakings, as well as commenting on proposed DON/DoD directives, instructions, and policy memoranda.
  • Energy attorneys provide legal support and counsel on Outer Continental Shelf matters, such as Liquefied Natural Gas transport & infrastructure development, and efforts by states to expand their control and interest into federal waters for energy production and development.