Central Office

The Central Office of DON OGC is located at the Pentagon, and is comprised of OGC’s Senior Leadership:

General Counsel of the Navy (GC)
    • Responsible for overall policy coordination within DON OGC, and reviews for legal sufficiency policy determinations and statements emanating from the Navy Secretariat.
    • Provides advice and guidance on the full range of legal issues of interest to the DON, and is often called upon to provide legal advice on a day-to-day basis to many clients, including the Secretary of the Navy, the Under Secretary, the Assistant Secretaries, and all of the many Offices of Counsel which comprise DON OGC.
    • Attorneys at the following offices also report up to the PDGC:
        • Chief of Naval Aviation Training (CNATRA) (Corpus Christie, TX)
        • Commander, Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT) (Pearl Harbor, HI)
        • Naval Forces Europe and Africa (NAVEUR) (Italy)
        • Assistant General Counsel (Ethics) (AGC(Ethics)) (Washington, DC)
        • Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC) (San Diego, CA)
        • Naval Inspector General (NAVINSGEN) (Washington, DC)
        • Naval Meteorology & Oceanography Command (NAVMETOCOM) (s Space Center, MS)
        • Navy Munitions Command (Yorktown, VA)
        • Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) (Quantico, VA)
        • Naval Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM) (Norfolk, VA)
        • Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA) (Washington, DC)
        • Ship Repair Facility Yokosuka (SRF-JRMC) (Japan)
        • Trident Refit Facility (TRF) (Kings Bay, GA)
        • Fleet Forces Command (USFF) (Norfolk, VA)

    • Serves as the “managing partner” of an international law firm with over 800 attorneys and 300 support staff in 147 locations around the world representing clients with business lines worth over $179 billion in a broad range of practice areas.
    • Establishes and implements policies for the recruitment, hiring, promotion, and professional development of the members of DON OGC.
    • Responsible for the efficient organization and resource allocation within the Office of General Counsel law firm. 
    • Attorneys at the following offices also report to the DGC:
        • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Office (Washington DC)
        • Department of the Navy Assistant for Administration (DON AA) (Washington DC)
        • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office (Washington DC)
        • Naval Audit Service (NAVAUDSER) (Washington DC)


 Diane-M-Boyle-Leadership.PNGDeputy General Counsel (DGC)