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The Acquisition Integrity Office (AIO) is the centralized organization within the Department of the Navy (DON) established to monitor and ensure the coordination of criminal, civil, administrative, and contractual remedies for all cases including investigations of acquisition fraud, waste, and related improprieties related to acquisition activities affecting the DON.
AIO is organizationally part of the DON Office of the General Counsel. It is the single point-of-contact for all acquisition fraud matters affecting DON. AIO’s responsibilities include accepting referrals for investigations; interfacing with investigative agencies; coordinating remedies with the Department of Justice; implementing Administrative Agreements; educating and training the DON workforce to prevent, detect, and deter procurement fraud; and educational outreach to the private sector on procurement fraud related issues. In addition, AIO represents the DON at interagency meetings, including the Department of Defense Procurement Fraud Working Group and the Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee.
AIO is led by the Assistant General Counsel (AGC) for Acquisition Integrity (AI). The AGC (AI) serves as the Suspending and Debarring Official for the Department of the Navy and is responsible for managing the Acquisition Integrity Office .