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The business of the Department of the Navy is to man, train and
equip Navy and Marine Corps forces for global operations.

​The DON is facing a new era of Great power competition, characterized by increased complexity, interdependence, and uncertainty as well as an unprecedented rate of technological change that is transforming societies, economies, and military capabilities across the globe.As a result, the DON must enable greater efficiency through more agile processes, better management of business operations, and greater accountability leading to a higher state of operational readiness. We must also recognize that continued success requires more than additional ships, aircraft and advanced technology — it involves transitioning our culture from rigid to adaptable, sluggish to fast, stagnant to innovative, parochial to collaborative, and opaque to transparent. To achieve this, the Department of the Navy released its Business Operations Plan. This plan aligns to the National Defense Strategy lines of effort (Restore Readiness, Strengthen Alliances, and Reform Business Practices) and the 9 strategic objectives in the National Defense Business Operations Plan. It provides a framework that unifies Secretariat, Navy, and Marine Corps activities under 14 DON specific outcomes realized through 49 major objectives.

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Strategic Objectives

1.1  Restore Military Readiness to Build a More Lethal Force

1.2  Lay the Foundation for Future Readiness through Recapitalization, Innovation, and Modernization

1.3  Enhance IT and Cybersecurity Capabilities

1.4  Ensure the Best Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Security Support for DoD Operations

1.5  Implement Initiatives to Recruit and Retain the Best Total Force to Bolster Capabilities and Readiness

2.1  Reform the Security Cooperation Enterprise

3.1  Improve and Strengthen Business Operations through a Move to DoD-Enterprise or Shared Services; Reduce Administrative and Regulatory Burden

3.2  Optimize Organizational Structures

3.3  Undergo an Audit and Improve the Quality of Budgetary and Financial Information that is Most Valuable in Managing the DON

DON Business Operations Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the DON Business Operations Plan?
The DON’s Business Operations Plan articulates what the DON is doing in support of the strategic goals set forward by the National Defense Strategy (NDS): (1) rebuild readiness and increase the lethality of our force, (2) strengthen our alliances and attract new partners, and (3) reform business practices for greater performance and affordability. The success of the DON’s strategy centers on prioritizing our people, capabilities, and processes to achieve these National Defense strategic goals, positioning the Department to address the security and defense challenges of today and tomorrow.
Why did the DON develop the Business Operations Plan?
The Business Operations Plan was developed around three efforts. (1) To ensure that the risks our Sailors and Marines take in defending our Nation never exceeds the business risks we are ready to take to give our people what they need. (2) To promote financial stewardship and to fulfill our commitment to Congress and the taxpayers and accountability across the DON. (3) To arm stakeholders with critical information about DON Business Operations, and to update processes and implement innovative and strategic solutions going forward.
How is the Strategy designed?
The Plan is designed to be a management tool and presents a roadmap for our strategic priorities. In order to ensure true and lasting change, the DON BOP outlines a governance and accountability structure to aid in the successful implementation of the plan. The Business Operations Management Council (BOMC) will act as the primary governing structure that monitors major business initiatives across organizations and functional boundaries. To accurately measure performance of the BOP objectives, offices are responsible for developing and reporting the status of both leading and lagging indicators for their specific objectives.
How will the Business Operations Plan impact the DON?
The BOP is the Department’s plan to revitalize its organization by mapping business operations to the NDS and its three lines of effort. By strategically utilizing our people, exploring capabilities that relate to enhancing existing relationships while building new ones, and improving our enterprise processes to enable our people to meet future challenges, the BOP put the Department a path that leads to future operational success.
How often will the Plan be revised?
The Plan will undergo quarterly updates to reflect our progress and new fidelity in strategic planning.