Workplace ADR in the DON

Welcome to the Workplace ADR Page. The Department of the Navy’s Workplace ADR Program addresses all types of workplace disputes, not just Equal Employment Opportunity issues. Employee relations issues, Labor-Management Relations issues, NSPS Reconsiderations, and even serious employee-to-employee disputes that adversely affect the workplace are candidates for ADR under the Secretary’s policy.

DON ADR Services are available to all employees and managers through the Human Resources Service Centers (HRSCs). Additionally, many local Human Resources Offices (HROs) or associated EEO Offices handle walk-in requests for ADR services. Participants usually find that ADR helps improve the working relationship in their office and has a high likelihood to resolve the issue. Many participants across the country give glowing comments for the mediation process in particular.       
The DON ADR Program supports ADR in the workplace in many ways. In cooperation with the Office of Civilian Human Resources (OCHR), regional HRSCs, and local HROs, it trains employees, managers, and neutrals. It also supports neutrals in the DON Certified Mediator Program, and others who serve as meeting facilitators. The program also assists HROs seeking to implement the "Conflict Management and Mediation Model", or "CM3", so they can have a strong local workplace ADR Program. To learn more about the ADR in the workplace, click on the following links: