​​ADR PowerPoint Presentations
The DON ADR Program teaches dozens of courses every year. The short slideshows described below contain information of general interest, and provide insight into the effective use of ADR. 
    • The Confidentiality Obligations of Neutrals – This presentation highlights some of the key elements of confidentiality under the ADRA of 1996.
    • The New Binding Arbitration Authority – This is an overview of the policy and guidance found in SECNAVINST 5800.15 regarding use of binding arbitration for contract controversies. 
    • ADR in Society and Government – ADR has become so common in American society that perhaps it is time to remove the A for “Alternative.” 
    • Comments from Around the World – The Department of the Navy has about 183 mediators dispersed throughout world who conduct workplace mediations. See what the participants say.                
    • What to Expect in a Workplace Mediation – This short slide show will help you understand the workplace mediation process.