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If you are a JAG officer, you should read: Alternative Dispute Resolution—An Introduction for Legal Assistance Attorneys, an article from the June 2000 issue of The Army Lawyer.

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    • The Contract and Procurement Section of the Inter-Agency ADR Working Group has developed, and published on the Internet, a new Electronic Guide to Federal Procurement ADR. The Guide was designed from the outset for electronic publication so as to be readily available to all federal contracting personnel and interested private parties at their desktops. It includes sections on: Designing an ADR Program; Managing the ADR Process; ADR Training; Neutrals; and Resources. Each Section incorporates hyperlinks to ADR-related materials. The Resources Section includes, among other things, a listing of Federal ADR Mentors; detailed Profiles of existing agency procurement ADR programs; ADR success stories of several agencies; sample ADR agreements; and web links to other ADR Internet sites.