Welcome to the Department of the Navy’s Online Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution. This 45 minute presentation will introduce you to ADR theories, techniques and uses of ADR by the DON. It spans many areas of DON activity, including procurement, environmental protection, workplace, and assistance to service members. Video clips allow you to hear directly from:
    • The Department of the Navy’s General Counsel
    • The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Civilian Human Resources)
    • The Chairman and an Administrative Judge from the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
    • Environmental Program Managers from the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 and the State of Florida
    • A Deputy EEO Officer from Military Sealift Command, who also serves as a Navy Certified Mediator
    • A Major serving in a Marine Corps Legal Assistance Office


For people interested in workplace disputes, you will find a step-by-step explanation in a workplace mediation. After learning about ADR, if you would like to contact our program, please click here.    

ADR Training
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