ADR Successes - The Centex Litigation


ADR enables your client to achieve timely solutions of large monetary claims. One ADR that demonstrates these attributes is the settlement of a $50 million claim filed by Centex Construction concerning construction of the Portsmouth Naval Hospital.
Arial view of the hospital and its surrounding buildings.  This includes the original hospital to the right, the new state of the art hospital in the middle and the older hospial building on the left.  The hospitals are the large buildings closest to the water.        
The parties tailored an ADR process to suit their needs.  Some key, cost/time saving features included no discovery, accelerated schedule (3 months between ADR agreement and ADR), and using high-level officials as principles. The parties greatly benefited from an aggressive, energetic third-party neutral.  Upon hearing the facts and views of both sides, the parties, assisted by the neutral, negotiated a settlement. 
The parties achieved remarkable results:
    • ADR reduced litigation costs and time for both parties; 
    • Settlement fairly compensated Centex for potentially meritorious aspects of the claim, but still was significantly less than claimed amount;
    • Settlement fostered good relations with a valued contractor.          
Thus, ADR can save time, resources and money, for more economical resolution the traditional forums.
The DON ADR Program Can Help Your Command:
The DON ADR Program can custom-tailor a dispute resolution procedure for any dispute facing your Navy or Marine Corps organization.