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Waivers & Forms


This section provides information and guidance on position and tenure waivers and has commonly used forms that have been made available to you for easy access.


Position requirements may be waived in exceptional circumstances.Position Requirements or Tenure Waivers are approved according to guidelines in Waiver Requirements (Appendix D)

Waiver Process

Use AT&L Position Requirements or Tenure Waiver form (DD 2905) located at( http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/infomgt/forms/eforms/dd2905.pdf ) to process waivers.


Position waivers are processed at the time of the assignment, except under the following conditions:Acquisition position requirements may be waived in exceptional circumstances. Waivers are directly associated with meeting Special Statutory Requirements, Career Field Certification, Acquisition Corps, and Tenure. Waivers are position-specific and do not carry over to subsequent assignments. Waivers cannot exceed 24 months from date waiver is approved. Acquisition Position Waiver Chart , summarizes circumstances and timing of waivers.

Submission Requirements

All waiver requests must be submitted via the DD2905 - Acquisition, Technology and Logistics(AT&L) Workforce Position Requirements or Tenure Waiver.Waivers associated with Key Leadership Positions (KLPs), Flag/General Officer/SES, and Military CAPs must also include a Waiver Summary Sheet with plan to meet position requirements. A format is provided in Appendix C.Commands are responsible for tracking and monitoring the status of all acquisition position and tenure waivers.

Approving Authorities

The ASN(RDA), via the Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM), is the waiver approving authority for the following positions:

  • All Flag, General Officer (GO), Senior Executive Service (SES)
  • The following KLPs:
    • Program Executive Officer (PEO), Deputy Program Executive Officer (DPEO)/Executive Director, Program Executive Officer (ED PEO)
    • Direct Reporting Program Manager (DRPM) and Deputy Direct Reporting Program Manager (DDRPM)
    • ACAT I/IA Program Manager (PM) and Deputy Program Manager (DPM)
    • ACAT II PM and DPM
  • Navy Major Program Managers and Commanders/Commanding Officers of Major Acquisition Shore Commands 

The DACM is the approving authority for:

  • KLPs that are not identified in 11.3.1 above.
  • Navy Military CAPs except those that are comparable to civilian 1102s, and Contracting Officers with warrants above the Simplified Acquisition Threshold

The approving authority is the Senior Contracting Official (SCO) for:

  • Civilian series 1102 (and equivalent military) that are not KLPs
  • Contracting Officers with warrants above the Simplified Acquisition Threshold

The approving authority is the Echelon I/II Command for Civilian Critical Acquisition Positions (CAPs) and regular acquisition positions except those specifically identified in section 11.3.3 above.
Navy military waivers (except for Flag Officers) are coordinated through PERS-447. Marine Corps military waivers are coordinated through the Commanding General or his/her agent at MARCORSYSCOM.
Reference DON DAWIA Operating Guide June 24, 2014 Chapter 11

  • Acquisition Corps members who will meet special statutory requirements of the AT&L position within 6 months may be assigned to that position without a waiver. (If the individual does not meet the Special Statutory requirements within 6 months from the date assigned, a waiver is required).
  • AT&L Workforce members have 24 months from the time assigned to a non-KLP AT&L position to meet the certification requirements of that position and become certified. If the individual does not obtain certification within 24 months, a waiver is required.

Waivers for CAP/KLP tenure requirements must be approved prior to the person’s departure from that CAP/KLP.

Waiver Requests

  • Must identify the specific standard and/or requirements that are being waived 
  • Explain the circumstances justifying the waiver
  • Provide a plan of action and the expected timeframe to meet requirements.

Position waivers may be granted for the following position requirements:

Special statutory requirements

Acquisition career field certification

CAP Tenure


The items below are some commonly used forms.

DoD Form 2518 , Sep 88 - Fulfillment of DoD Mandatory Training Requirement. This form when accompanied by a self-assessment form, is used by the supervisory chain to determine whether the member demonstrates the prescribed competencies sufficiently to forego attendance at the specified course.

DAU Course Competency Standards - Use the DAU Course Competency Standards for your self-assessment

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