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-Naval Audit Service
N2017-0034-redacted-for-website.pdf2.0N2017-0034-redacted-for-websiteAlleged Sexual Assault Victims' Navy Career Paths
N2016-0045 redacted for Website.pdf2.0N2016-0045 redacted for WebsiteNavy Sex Offender Notifications, 12 August 2016
N2016-0017 redacted for website.pdf2.0N2016-0017 redacted for websiteInternal Controls Over the Marine Corps Civilian Law Enforcement Program 6 January 2016
N2016-0013 redacted for website.pdf2.0N2016-0013 redacted for websiteManaging Personally Identifiable Information at Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth and Naval Hospital, Jacksonville  29 December 2015
N2015-0027 redacted for website.pdf2.0N2015-0027 redacted for websiteFollowup on Naval Audit Service Report N2012-0009, “Personally Identifiable Information and Department of the Navy Data on Unencrypted Computer Hard Drives Released from Department of the Navy Control”    21 July 2015
N2015-0026 redacted for website.pdf2.0N2015-0026 redacted for websiteManagement Controls of Navy Corporate Data 16 July 2015
N2015-0022 redacted for website.pdf2.0N2015-0022 redacted for websiteDepartment of the Navy Readjudication Process 29 May 2015
N2015-0017 redacted for website.pdf2.0N2015-0017 redacted for websiteTechnology Readiness Assessments at Naval Sea Systems Command and Affiliated Program Executive Offices  2 April 2015
N2015-0003 redacted.pdf3.0N2015-0003 redactedManaging Personally Identifiable Information on Selected Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command Ships, 31 October 2014
N2015-0001 redacted.pdf2.0N2015-0001 redactedReliability of Internet Navy Facilities Assets Data Store Data Elements Related to the Navy's Facility Sustainment Requirement, 23 October 2014
N2014-0048 redacted for website.pdf2.0N2014-0048 redacted for websiteNavy Husbanding and Port Services Contracts
N2014-0035 redacted.pdf1.0N2014-0035 redactedRequirements for Programs Managed by Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems, 6 August 2014
N2014-0033 redacted.pdf1.0N2014-0033 redactedManagement and Accountability of Nuclear Weapons-Related Materiel, 22 July 2014
N2014-0030 redacted.pdf1.0N2014-0030 redactedFollowup on Controls over Navy Marine Corps Intranet Contractors and Subcontractors Accessing Department of Navy Information, 9 July 2014
N2014-0022 redacted.pdf1.0N2014-0022 redactedFleet Gapped Critical Billets, 20 May 2014
N2014-0021 redacted.pdf1.0N2014-0021 redactedCyberspace/Information Technology Skill Sets for Active Duty Military Personnel at Selected Navy Commands, 19 May 2014
N2014-0009 redacted.pdf2.0N2014-0009 redactedNavy Urinalysis Program for Military Personnel
N2014-0005 redacted.pdf1.0N2014-0005 redactedNaval Sea Systems Command and Affiliated Program Executive Offices' Management Oversight for Select Acquisition Category III and IV Programs, 19 December 2013
N2013-0052 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2013-0052 redacted for websiteLimited Duty Population in the Navy, 30 September 2013
N2013-0050 redacted.pdf1.0N2013-0050 redactedLong-Term Temporary Duty Orders for Marine Corps Reserves Performing Duty within the Continental United States and Hawaii, 30 September 2013
N2013-0038 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2013-0038 redacted for websiteFiscal and Resource Management at the Naval Postgraduate School 7 August 2013
N2013-0035 redacted.pdf1.0N2013-0035 redactedValidation and Use of Life-Cycle 28 June 2013
N2013-0030 redacted for website.pdf4.0N2013-0030 redacted for website Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy Base Operating Support Contract
N2013-0001 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2013-0001 redacted for websitePrioritization and Selection Process of Department of the Navy Aviation and Operational Safety Concerns, 12 October 2012
N2012-0052 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2012-0052 redacted for websiteCamp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Base Operating Support Contract 28 June 2012
N2012-0051 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2012-0051 redacted for websiteNavy’s Management of Unmanned Systems, 27 June 2012
N2012-0031 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2012-0031 redacted for websiteImplementation of Earned Value Management for the Virginia Class Submarine Program, 5 April 2012
N2012-0030 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2012-0030 redacted for websiteBusiness Process Reengineering Efforts for Selected Department of the Navy Business System Modernizations: Shipyard Management Information System Investment for Corporate Software, 2 April 2012
N2012-0027 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2012-0027 redacted for websiteCommander, Navy Installations Command Safety and Occupational Health Workplace Inspections, 22 March 2012
N2012-0011 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2012-0011 redacted for websiteImplementation of Earned Value Management for the Future Aircraft Carrier Program, 22 December 2011
N2012-0002 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2012-0002 redacted for websiteMarine Corps Small Arms Accountability, 20 October 2011
N2012-0001 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2012-0001 redacted for websiteNaval Pilot and Naval Flight Officer Diversity, 19 October 2011
N2011-0060 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0060 redacted for websiteAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009  Photovoltaic Projects at Hampton Roads, VA, and Navy Installations in Florida, Texas, and Mississippi, 22 September 2011
N2011-0056 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0056 redacted for websiteContractors Accessing Department of the Navy Information on Non-Navy Marine Corps Intranet Networks, 7 September 2011
N2011-0055 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0055 redacted for websiteMarine Corps Equipment Accountability, 2 September 2011
N2011-0052 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0052 redacted for websiteTest of Department of the Navy Sexual Assault-Related Phone Numbers, 26 August 2011
N2011-0048 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0048 redacted for websiteBudget Execution Transactional Review at Selected Fleet Warfare Enterprise Commands, 4 August 2011
N2011-0047 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0047 redacted for websiteCertification and Accreditation of Information Systems within the Marine Corps, 2 August 2011
N2011-0035 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0035 redacted for websiteProject Handclasp Internal Controls, 19 May 2011
N2011-0034 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0034 redacted for websiteDepartment of the Navy Medical Corps Officer Contracts, 12 May 2011
N2011-0031 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0031 redacted for websiteResponses to Phone Calls Made to Department of the Navy Sexual Assault-Related Phone Numbers, 3 May 2011
N2011-0029 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0029 redacted for websiteVerification of Operational Capabilities and Internal Controls at Joint Region Marianas, 27 April 2011
N2011-0027 redacted for website.pdf2.0N2011-0027 redacted for websiteMarine Corps Equipment Accountability at I Marine Expeditionary Force
N2011-0025 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0025 redacted for websiteNavy/Marine Corps Intranet Internal Controls Over Computers During Turn-In Process, 18 March 2011
N2011-0024 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0024 redacted for websiteEffectiveness of the Department of the Navy’s Denial Process for Interim Security Clearances at Selected Activities, 11 March 2011
N2011-0023 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0023 redacted for websiteInternal Controls Over Department of the Navy Energy Funding and Financing Tools, 4 March 2011
N2011-0021 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0021 redacted for websiteMarine Corps Equipment Accountability at II Marine Expeditionary Force, 16 February 2011
N2011-0020 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0020 redacted for websiteUnnecessary Collection of Personally Identifiable Information in the Department of the Navy, 28 January 2011
N2011-0019 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0019 redacted for websiteOrganizational-Level Maintenance of U.S. Navy Aegis-Equipped Ships, 27 January 2011
N2011-0017 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0017 redacted for websiteNavy Reserve Southwest Region Annual Training and Active Duty for Training Orders, 19 January 2011
N2011-0016 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0016 redacted for websiteManagement and Implementation of the Marine Corps Hearing Conservation Program, 14 January 2011
N2011-0015 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0015 redacted for websiteGovernment Commercial Purchase Card Transactions at Naval District Washington, 14 January 2011
N2011-0010 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0010 redacted for websitePost-Deployment Health Reassessment at the Marine Corps: Fiscal Years 2008 and 2009 Data Analysis, and Future Monitoring Recommendations, 17 December 2010
N2011-0007 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0007 redacted for websiteIntroductory Flight Screening Program 3 December 2010
N2011-0005 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0005 redacted for websiteReporting of Marine Corps Equipment Mishaps, 10 November 2010
N2011-0004 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0004 redacted for websiteManagement of Navy Unit Identification Codes, 22 October 2010
N2011-0001 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2011-0001 redacted for websiteNavy Enterprise Resource Program Purchase Card Capabilities, 1 October 2010
N2010-0048 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0048 redacted for websiteAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ─ Marine Corps Air Station, New River, NC, 13 August 2010
N2010-0047 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0047 redacted for websitePrioritization and Selection of Navy Military Construction Projects for Program Objectives Memorandum 2010 Funding, 12 August 2010
N2010-0039 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0039 redacted for websiteFollowup of Naval Audit Service Recommendations for Management of Special Tooling and Special Test Equipment Audits, 23 June 2010
N2010-0038 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0038 redacted for websiteConsideration of Hazardous Noise in the Acquisition of Selected Major Department of the Navy Weapon Systems and Platforms, 22 June 2010
N2010-0036 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0036 redacted for websiteDepartment of the Navy Acquisition Checks and Balances at Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Sigonella Naval Regional Contracting Detachments Bahrain and Dubai, 16 June 2010
N2010-0035 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0035 redacted for websiteAircraft Quantitative Requirements for the Acquisition of the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System, 14 June 2010
N2010-0028 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0028 redacted for websiteMarine Corps Equipment Visibility, 20 May 2010
N2010-0025 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0025 redacted for websiteContracting Practices for Strategic Systems Programs, 28 April 2010
N2010-0016 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0016 redacted for websiteReporting of Safety Mishaps, 12 March 2010
N2010-0008 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0008 redacted for websiteSelected Contracts and Contract Activities at Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Sigonella, Italy, 5 February 2010
N2010-0001 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2010-0001 redacted for websiteE-2D Advanced Hawkeye Radar, 14 October 2009
N2009-0048 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0048 redacted for websiteOfficer Personnel Information System Data Accuracy, 29 September 2009
N2009-0046 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0046 redacted for websiteMarine Corps Transition Assistance Management Program — Preseparation Counseling Requirement, 15 September 2009
N2009-0044 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0044 redacted for websiteGovernment Commercial Purchase Card Transactions at Naval Medical Center, San Diego, 2 September 2009
N2009-0043 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0043 redacted for websiteRisk Management Information System Acquisition, 28 August 2009
N2009-0041redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0041redacted for websiteDepartment of the Navy Acquisition and Disbursing Checks and Balances at Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, Africa, 30 July 2009
N2009-0040 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0040 redacted for websitePoison Pay at Fleet Readiness Center Southwest, 30 July 2009
N2009-0039 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0039 redacted for websiteFollowup of Managing Sponsored Programs at the Naval Postgraduate School, 28 July 2009
N2009-0038 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0038 redacted for websiteStatus of the Department of the Navy Processes and Controls Regarding the Management of the Government of Japan Funds Related to the Marine Corps’ Relocation, 9 July 2009
N2009-0037 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0037 redacted for websiteContract Administration at Fleet and Industrial Supply Center San Diego and Selected Supported Activities, 1 July 2009
N2009-0036 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0036 redacted for websiteNavy Marine Corps Intranet Invoice Approval Process within the Marine Corps, 24 June 2009
N2009-0034 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0034 redacted for websiteVendor Legitimacy, 8 June 2009
N2009-0032 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0032 redacted for websiteMarine Corps Use of the Deployed Theater Accountability System, 4 June 2009
N2009-0029 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0029 redacted for websiteInternal Controls over the Department of the Navy’s Construction in Progress Account, 21 May 2009
N2009-0028 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0028 redacted for websiteVerification of an Acquisition Strategy for the United States Marine Corps’ Relocation Effort, 8 May 2009
N2009-0027 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0027 redacted for websiteProcessing of Computers and Hard Drives During the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) Computer Disposal Process, 28 April 2009
N2009-0025 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0025 redacted for websiteNavy Aviation Career Incentive Pay, 24 April 2009
N2009-0023 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0023 redacted for websiteAcquisition of Gear Systems from a Selected Department of the Navy Contractor, 6 April 2009
N2009-0022 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0022 redacted for websiteConsideration of Hazardous Noise in the Acquisition of the CVN 78 Aircraft Carrier, 19 March 2009
N2009-0021 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0021 redacted for websiteAcquiring Services through the Center for Naval Analyses, 18 March 2009
N2009-0020 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0020 redacted for websiteBureau of Medicine and Surgery Management of Sustainment Funds to Repair and Maintain Real Property Facilities, 26 February 2009
N2009-0019 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0019 redacted for websiteService Contracts for the Communications-on-the-Move Network Digital Over-the-Horizon Relay (CONDOR) Project, 24 February 2009
N2009-0018 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0018 redacted for websiteControls Over Medical Supplies and Equipment, 19 February 2009
N2009-0017 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0017 redacted for websiteNavy Marine Corps Intranet Contract Performance Measures for Incentive Payments, 11 February 2009
N2009-0016 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0016 redacted for websiteManagement of Special Tooling and Special Test Equipment at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, 23 December 2008
N2009-0014 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0014 redacted for websiteControl over Wireless Devices at Selected Commander, Navy Installations Command and Naval Facilities Engineering Command Activities, 17 December 2008
N2009-0013 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0013 redacted for websiteConsideration of Hazardous Noise in the Acquisition of the Joint Strike Fighter, 15 December 2008
N2009-0012 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0012 redacted for websiteSelected Navy Installations’ Preparedness Against Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Attacks, 26 November 2008
N2009-0010 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0010 redacted for websiteInternal Controls for Overtime Procedures at Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, 7 November 2008
N2009-0008 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0008 redacted for websiteConsideration of Hazardous Noise in the Acquisition of the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler Strike Fighter Variants, 31 October 2008
N2009-0004 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0004 redacted for websiteNavy Antiterrorism Program Execution, 22 October 2008
N2009-0002 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0002 redacted for websiteConsideration of Hazardous Noise and Vibration in the Acquisition of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, 16 October 2008
N2009-0001 redacted for website.pdf1.0N2009-0001 redacted for websiteContracting for Bachelor Housing Furnishings, 3 October 2008
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