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Coming from the private sector I was struck by the conspicuous lack of female voices participating in SECNAV’s Taskforce Innovation (TFI). Women currently constitute less than 10% of The Hatch innovation crowdsourcing community and innovation organizations like the CNO’s Rapid Innovation Cell (CRIC) have been overwhelmingly male. The women involved in TFI have provided a disproportionately large contribution in terms of content, commitment, and ability to catalyze larger networks, highlighting the need to cultivate more women innovators. The value of women innovators has been demonstrated in the private sector, where according to a Kauffman Foundation report women technology entrepreneurs achieve a 35 percent better return on investment than male counterparts...

To build an adaptive workforce the DON must actively develop and manage its talent. The SECNAV directed that every Marine, Sailor and civilian will be part of actively managed functional community. Read more here:...

The naval workforce of the future will be a balanced mix of military and civilian personnel that leverages the unique strengths of both components, while serving as a model of agility and adaptability. We will strive to ensure mission demands, workforce talent, and career desires are aligned to the benefit of both the DON and the individual. To foster, sustain and manage the talent of an adaptive workforce, the DON must be an employer which empowers, challenges, and rewards innovation and collaboration...

Sam Walton, the founder of the mega-corporation Wal-Mart, once said that the best ideas that the company had came from their stockboys and clerks. At The Athena Project, we believe that Sam was on to something. This Friday, in sunny San Diego, California we’re hosting the eighth installment of our waterfront pitch event at Societe Brewing Company at 1200. At Waterfront Athena 8, innovative Sailors from the San Diego area will be presenting powerful ideas and unique solutions to challenges facing the fleet, all in an open, casual environment. We hope that you’ll join us, and registration is still open to pitch ideas!

The Naval Innovation Network is a Department of the Navy-wide forum to connect innovators, thought leaders, subject matter experts, mid-level managers and senior leaders to champion, accelerate and promote innovation. Collectively, the group represents a wide range of disciplines, organizations and functional communities around the globe. Through greater collaboration, creativity, experimentation, “intra” preneurship, and diversity of thought, the Naval Innovation Network seeks to actively engage the tremendous untapped intellectual capacity and motivation of our talented workforce to tackling our most complex problems and improving our mission...

Across the Department of the Navy our talented Sailors, Marines and civilians are continually creating innovative solutions to our most complex problems. The SECNAV wants to recognize the top naval innovators in our workforce today and inspire future innovators to continue developing their bold ideas for the future. The SECNAV Innovation Awards Program seeks to recognize top DON individuals or teams who made significant innovative achievements in Calendar Year 2015 in the following areas...

The pre-industrial-age view of military force is captured succinctly in a recent quote by defense scholar Dr. Richard Betts. According to Betts, military force is, “killing people and destroying things for some political purpose”. Unfortunately his simplistic view is shared by many in the Pentagon...

To preserve the operational preeminence of our maritime forces, we must exploit the unlimited ingenuity of our people. The Department will speed the development of new warfighting concepts which quickly leverage rapidly evolving technologies and improve the warfighting effectiveness of current capabilities. To do this, we will lead the nation in adopting emerging capabilities such as Additive Manufacturing, Unmanned Systems, Virtual Training and AI/Robotics, while reducing policy and process barriers that threaten the future of our force...

Imagine a conflict in which war-winning plans, logistics, operational concepts and most of the tactics had been worked out in advance. In this war, how and where to attack the opponent had been theorized, analyzed and rehearsed by existing officers and crews, to the point the navy knew what new equipment it needed to build because it already had worked out how to use it. This did not mean that the winner didn’t get surprised on occasion, for war automatically means exposing one’s own forces to the rules of chance, but wargames saved time and money...

Cutting edge organizations have the ability to harness the power of their data, match it in context, and evolve it into actionable knowledge. From helping to model the dispersion of deadly diseases, to allowing us to manage our personal finances, the integration of data into decision-making processes enhances our ability to interpret and interact with the world. The flood of data made available to us recently, proliferated by digital technologies, is revolutionizing how we make decisions...

Dr. Maura Sullivan was selected as a finalist for the Nextgov Bold Awards. The Bold awards seek to recognize bold, innovative federal employees who are disrupting the status quo and risk takers who defied the bureaucracy and used technology to improve federal initiatives, processes and policies. Read more here...

The Nextgov editorial staff selected 18 finalists for the 2015 Bold Awards. View the nominees and vote for your favorite finalist here...

Do you wish your training was more interactive? Do you want to experiment with scenarios instead of reading about them on paper? Virtual training and simulation have the ability to revolutionize how we train our Forces today and in the future. Ensure your ideas are part of the DON's future Virtual Training and Simulation solutions. Register for the Hatch and submit your ideas. The best and brightest submissions will be included in SECNAV's Virtual Training POAM - which will bring your ideas to life within the DON...

Major League Baseball is a rich environment providing a great example of how data analytics can effectively assess and manage talent. As outlined in the book (later movie) Moneyball, the traditional role of the human talent scout, a so-called subject matter expert using highly personal judgment, is being replaced by a statistician who understands baseball. Furthermore, the increasing popularity of fantasy sports provides clear evidence of how analytics are permeating American society, a trend arising in many fields except military personnel systems...

Task Force Innovation recognized the importance of leveraging the rich history of naval innovation and to use that history to both inspire and stimulate the creative thinking of our next generation of naval officers. In order to achieve the Secretary of the Navy’s goal to foster a culture of innovation, two post-doctoral fellowships focused on the History of Naval Innovation were created at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland...

In the mid-1990s, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Charles Krulak, recognized the changing characteristics of the modern conflict and introduced the concepts of the “Three Block War” and the “Strategic Corporal” to the Marine Corps. Both stressed the dynamic nature of the battlefield, where leaders across the military rank structure would have to make diametrically different decisions often within moments of one another during a single military operation...
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